Go to Barcelona..for a weekend Covoiturage?

Go to Barcelona..for a weekend Covoiturage?

Car-sharing? Toulouse-Barcelona-Toulouse


This website aims purely to bring together people who would like to travel to Barcelona for a weekend with me. The 'Reservations' page shows you who has already reserved a seat on the minibus for the given weekend. Fastest way down in my opinion!

Proposed Départure Dates...

Although in French the DATES ARE IN ENGLISH...


Bus.. Minibus?

We go directly from TOULOUSE to BARCELONA!
With the VW Minibus we don't stop off everywhere, and its quite comfortable!
Travel time 3hours 45mins max! (including a 15mins break!)

All 8 seats have the seat-belts and they should always be attached for safety!!


Return fare  ? Call me and I'll inform you of the participation expected.
Single fare ?
      (Please pay the driver, your return fare, as you get on the minibus!)


Normal quantity! By this I mean a suitcase and a handbag, or rucksack and a small bag... quite simply .... be Reasonable!
(However if you do have an excessive quantity please inform me in advance so that I can try to accommodate you!)

Time and Departure Location?


Rendez-vous at a Metro Station in Toulouse.. 'Call me to find out which one!' at 18h30...Bus Side!

Departure is at 19h exact! Normally we arrive at the bottom of the Ramblas by 10h45 on Friday evenings.

Return: Rendez-vous 18h45 bottom of las Ramblas..
Departure 19h on the dot! Arrival at Toulouse, Metro Grammont by 10h45/11h.

Who am I?

My name's Mike, I'm half English, half Spanish... I try to keep this site up to date as best I can.. I live in Toulouse and its me that drives you to Barcelona by GPS!.. I don't smoke and I enjoy improving my spanish! And above all, I LOVE Barcelona!

First of all send me an email to:

teagan@free.fr + Your Mobile number and First name

Then give me a call on..

0033 670 17 49 62

Mike (in France)

Our Partners 'Good Tips' ! :

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